The first FemIT conference took place in 2018.

As Women from Hackerstolz e.V. noticed that most Hackathon events and IT conferences were male dominated, as many women hesitated to attend or let their voice be heard. So they came up with the idea of organizing a female-focused event, tailored to include women from various professional backgrounds and stages of life in order to spread tech-knowledge in an apprehensiveness-free environment. 

Shortly after that, Startup Mannheim as prominent force in the Mannheim tech entrepreneurship environment joined in, and together they organized the first female focused tech conference in the Rhein-Neckar region. The conference was a large success, receiving much positive feedback, and is now being organized for the 3rd year in a row! Pictures from previous conferences can be found here.


The MAFINEX Technology Center is situated in the Mannheim neighbourhood Lindenhof. This campus is ideal for communication and synergies, with the best equipment and infrastructure possible.


Our goal is to build a community of innovators, founders, developers, and decision makers who are turning ideas into reality and affecting global change.



The aims of the FemIT conference are the following:

  • Bring women of different ages and professional backgrounds together to learn about tech
  • Enable the exchange of experiences with and knowledge of various tech-related topics
  • Provide an informal and cozy atmosphere with excellent networking opportunities
  • Inspire and show role models
  • Stimulate discussion about career paths, obstacles and ways to overcome these
  • Motivate women to step out of their comfort zones by becoming a speaker or leading a workshop
  • Familiarize women with opportunities and events in the tech industry
If you are enthusiastic about this vision, do not forget to buy a ticket for the conference, sign up as a speaker,
become a sponsor or send us a message. We are always open for feedback and look forward to your messages and ideas.